Enterprise Meta-Model Architecture .

System Architecture Adviser

For each Business Unit, how are Organizations, Processes and Systems related?
Why is there always problems when there is a change in either of the Organization, Processes or System?

Compare your Enterprise Architecture with an Activity - Business Unit - BU to BU Governance - Enterprise to Enterprise Meta Model.

Activity Canvas

If we for a moment disregard the organization of an Enterprise and only tries to imagine which activities that are needed, and then group them in these seven groups.
Even a single person company needs to some extent to reflect over the issues in the different domains, and a multi-billion, multi country enterprise too, but in a much larger scale. That's why the organizations and processes are needed, that builds complexity.

The idea is that the canvas will give a structure to the operations and show that the activities are going on in parallel continuously, which is not obvious in many of the existing frameworks.

Business Unit Overlay

Each Enterprise must of course organize the business after their own ideas and standards. Consider though if the Business Units are documented with the Activity Canvas as the background it will be obvious that they will have Activities outside their core activity domain.

E.g a Production Unit will to some extent participate in all Activity Domains. There is a need for also strategic considerations to renew and develop the Delivery Capability that is their core responsibility.

Business Unit to Business Unit Governance

A lot of "processes" involves more than one organization and even more than one Business Unit. There is always some uncertainty about who is responsible for what in these cases. Business Units have a high degree of responsibility for there results and want to be on top of their processes.

There might be development needed in several BU:s for a new product, and in the operations phase information must be shared and decisions taken that can influence more than one BU.

Enterprise to Enterprise Governance

By using the Activation Canvas as an Icon it is easy to graphically show how two or more Enterprises interact with each other.

If also the Business Units are drawn it is even possible to show which organizations that are connected.

Inside a Business Unit

Inside a Business Unit we of course find the classic Organization, Processes and Systems triangle. But if the cross-point between the BU and the Business Activity is observed it helps to highlight the competence needs in the organization and structure the processes.
The shared Information Model and the Interaction Points is guiding the work to document a well structured cooperation and integration.