Applied BSS

KajJ Consulting ABSS

I have called the area of interest "Applied BSS". Business Support Systems (BSS) is the collective functional and non-technical issues that are really difficult to plan and design for. I'm referring to the difficulties to create the right process compared to the competence level in the organization compared to the support systems.
All enterprises have today Business Support Systems; Computer systems applied to their operations to automate work that prior to the computer age was done manually. In step with development of the computer technology the BSS have grown more and more complex, and is applied to almost every corner of an enterprise. It's rare to automate manual work today, but upgrades and changes in the system support can actually be perceived equally revolutionary.

When making changes to Applied BSS, in addition to the normal architectural and integration problems, a lot of "soft" aspects needs to be taken into account. Aspects that in many cases will turn up as problems and in worst case even jeopardize the whole upgrade or major change.
There are ways to highlight and mitigate these potential problems, and with a good basic enterprise architecture also reduce unnecessary complexity.

KajJ Consulting ABSS (Applied BSS) consist so far of one person with 38 years experience in the computer business, still with the application of computers to solve problems as the biggest interest.
In addition to getting access to 38 years of collected knowledge there is another advantage to hire an experienced consultant:
Research details a number of ways in which the brain actually improves with age.
1. Older people have a greater capacity for empathy because empathy is learned.
2. An aging brain can better tease out patterns and see the big picture.
3.We are better able to anticipate problems and reason things out.