Consultancy in these areas or
problem-solving in the area of applying computers in your company

System Architecture Consulting

Solution Architecture,
Change Management,
Product Requirement Management
Application/System Strategy

Strategy- & Meta-Modeling

Conceptual Modeling and Meta-Modeling to use in the concepts and principles in the design and system architecture. Also very valuable to establish a common language between requirement and design.

The example shows a conceptual model of UML-style from Business Scenario to Integration API:s

Modeling Methodology

Get inspired by a collective view "From "Business Scenario to Specified System".
Six views and structuring principles that helps the requirement process to specify a working system.

In the form of workshops with system management and system architects lifting both functional and non-functional requirements, with concepts and principles aiming at creating a common language.

System Architecture Adviser

For each Business Unit, how are Organizations, Processes and Systems related?
Why is there always problems when there is a change in either of the Organization, Processes or System?

Compare your Enterprise Architecture with an Activity - Business Unit - BU to BU Governance - Enterprise to Enterprise Meta Model.

For TM Forum members

Compare or Apply TM Forum Frameworx to your BSS/OSS. Apply "Business Process Framework", "Information Framework", "Application Framework", "Metrics Framework" etc. to your Operations.

Get inspired by the connection between Frameworx and the ZOOM and Open Digital Ecosystem collaborative projects within TM Forum.